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ADG Mobility (‘ADGM’) was launched in January 2017 by the same founding members of LMT, which was established in 1999 by Stefan Nell, Chris Giliomee and Andy Hodgson, to focus primarily on design, development and production of protected vehicles, subsystems and components.

ADGM sees its primary market as clients who are looking for top level protected mobility solutions, including upgrades and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul). Our world-class armoured vehicle design and development team is supported by state-of-the-art software, systems and a fully equipped modern workshop staffed by highly skilled artisans.

ADGM’s senior members have on average 30 years of experience and knowledge of design, development, production and support in the field of battle-proven 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 military armoured vehicles and have, since 1999 together as a team, successfully completed more than 1400 projects spanning over 5 continents.

ADG Mobility’s entrepreneurial culture is fuelled by innovation with quick turnaround times and professional service.

OTT Technologies (Pty) Ltd have recently acquired a majority share in ADG Mobility (Pty) Ltd and, in doing so, creates an attractive new future for ADGM’s quality products in the OTT stable of excellence.


ADG Mobility's business focus and baseline approach.

ADG Mobility specialises in the design, development, manufacturing and support, including midlife upgrades and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) of protected mobility solutions, with the emphasis on 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles with high mobility and extreme levels of landmine, IED and ballistic protection.


  • Highly innovative engineering team consisting of mechanical, electrical, production and industrial engineers.
  • Full design and development of complete protected vehicles and subsystems with data pack, BOM, production instructions, jigs and fixtures.
  • Simulation of landmine, IED and ballistic events, as well as design and analysis of complex structures and 3D dynamics of tracked and wheeled vehicles.
  • Production (fabrication and assembly) of complete vehicles and sub-systems such as protected cabs or protected containers, both in prototype and full production environment.
  • Comprehensive test and evaluation capabilities, ranging from vehicle and component performance, landmine, IED and ballistic testing.
  • Complete ILS capability, including LSA (support concepts, manuals etc).
  • Full in-country MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) capabilities, ranging from factory layout, training and spare parts management to physically executing the work.
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  • Full 3D Modelling
    • CAD – Computer Aided Design (Siemens NX, Solidworks and OnShape).
    • PLM – Product Life Cycle Management (TeamCenter).
    • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning (SAGE).

  • Simulation
    • Dytran for landmine, Ballistic and IED simulation.
    • NASTRAN/Marc for Linear/non-linear FEA.
    • ADAMS for vehicle dynamics and kinematics.
    • scFlow for fluid dynamics.
    • VBDrive for vehicle performance.

  • ILS (Integrated Logistic Support)
    • Windchill Prediction.
    • Windchill Maintainability.
    • Windchill FTA.
    • Windchill Failure Mode and Effects Analysis.

  • Rendering
    • Keyshot.

  • Testing
    • Equipment for landmine and IED testing.
    • Equipment for vehicle performance testing.
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  • 800 m2 Offices, including a dedicated design office.
  • 2500 m2 Workshop and separate stores for prototypes and small production runs of complete vehicles, sub-assemblies or parts.
  • MIG & TIG welding, assembly and fitting capabilities.
  • Paint in an industrial standard paint booth.
  • Material handling – overhead cranes, forklifts, rotational jigs.
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  • 371 Asetileen Road, Silvertondale, Pretoria, South Africa, 0184
  • +27 12 804 1233
  • info@adgm.co.za
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